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Red Peppercorns (In Brine) 90g

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Flavours:Fruity, Hot


, Sugar free
, Salt free

Red Peppercorns (In Brine) 90g

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Steenbergs Red Peppercorns come in brine and have a wonderful sweet toffee and fruity flavour with a mild and well rounded heat.  Red peppercorns are the final stage for classic pepper when all the berries have fully matured on the vine and turned a deep red colour.  To preserve the red colouration, these Indian red peppercorns have been preserved in brine.  They have a very definite fruity but peppery flavour, without the really strong fiery bit of white pepper or that earthy warmth of black pepper.  Delicious crushed as an alternative to black peppercorns in almost anything.

Peppercorns are the fruit of a tropical, woody climbing vine, Piper nigrum, which can reach up to 10m in height (33ft). However, pepper vines need a host tree to grow up, with for example areca nut, eucalyptus or palm trees used or in Malaysia pepper vines are grown up poles or trellises. The pepper vine has dark-green oval leaves that vary in size depending on the cultivar grown, but thy average at about 18cm long (7 inches) and 12cm (5 inches) wide. Little flowers hang down in catkins of 3-15cm in length (1-6 inches) within the dense leafy foliage. From these, the peppercorn fruits grow on densely packed spikes of 5-15cm in length (2-6 inches), containing up to 50 individual berries. These pepper fruits start out an intense green then ripen to a yellow colour before turning a reddish-pink colour when fully ripe. for more on pepper, check out Gernot Katzer's Spice Pages or Wikipedia.

However, most pepper fruits are harvested when still green and processed to make green, black and white peppercorns. For red peppercorns, the fully ripe pepper fruits are harvested when they have turned a ripe deep pink colour.  They are then ideally kept in brine (but are sometimes freeze dried) to maintain the red colouration and the flavour.  These ripe red / pink peppercorns are fruity and almost sweet with an appetizing, lingering peppery heat, but one that is much more sophisticated and mellow in its heat than white or black pepper, for example. For more on the different grades of pepper, I have written a blog some time ago that expands on Pepper.

You can use red peppercorns much like black pepper, but it is much better to use them where they are much more showy.  For example, Sophie Grigson does a delicious Prawn, Mango & Avocado Salad that uses red peppercorns, which is a sweet salad but the 20 or so prawns are stir fried with 1 tablespoon of red peppercorns (drained).

Steenbergs Red Peppercorns are part of Steenbergs range of pepper. At Steenbergs, we have a wide range of organic spices, herbs, seasoning mixes, including curries, as well as Fairtrade spices and mixes. We import these from all around the world, then process them here in the Steenbergs spice factory in Ripon, North Yorkshire. We are a small, dedicated crew of people passionate about what we do, so for more information about spices, herbs, flavours and a general gossip about ingredients, cooking, Fairtrade or organic, why not call us on 01765 640 088 or email to

Nutritional Info:

Values per 100g:
Energy 85kCal; 358kJ
Protein 2.8g
Carbohydrates 11.5g
Fat 1.9g

Values per 2.0g teaspoon:
Energy 2kCal; 7kJ
Protein 0.1g
Carbohydrates 0.2g
Fat 0.0g

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