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Seggiano Orange Blossom Raw Honey 500g

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Orange Flower Raw Honey Italian Seggiano 500g £9.75



Seggiano Orange Blossom Raw Honey 500g

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We have just one left of this lovely honey and sadly no more for the moment is available. 

Orange Blossom Raw Honey from Italy. From early March the Oliva family bees work the perfumed citrus flowers to make this typical Sicilian honey, known locally as "zagara". As the Oliva honey production is certified organic, the hives are restricted to pesticide-free citrus groves, which is better for the bees and for us honey lovers.

This mild, thick golden orange blossom honey is ideal of sweetening drinks or baking. As temperatures cool the honey will set hard.

For six generations Michele Oliva's family has bred indigenous Sicilian bees and harvested their honeys, from teh wild and spontaneous flowering plants of the Iblei Mountains, in eastern Sicily.

Michele and his two sons manage the hives whilst wife Francesca helps with the bottling. Their skill and accumulated experience in traditional bee husbandry, cold extraction of the honey and the family pride in its excellence guarnatee natural, raw honeys of rare taste and quality.

Seggiano donate a percentage of the price of this honey to fund bee colony collapse research.

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