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Clearspring Japanese Hijiki dried sea vegetable

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Clearspring Wild Hijiki Wild sea vegetables £5.99




Clearspring Japanese Hijiki dried sea vegetable

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Hijiki comes as short black strings that are richly flavoured and make a satisfying dish when sautéed with vegetables or cooked and mixed with tofu or seeds. 

Hijiki's black colour contrasts well with yellow, orange and green tones of other foods.

Hijiki contains an abundance of minerals, and it has been said that the thick, lustruous hair of many Japanese people is partly due to their regular intake of hijiki sea vegetable. 

Clearspring Hijiki is Hizikia fusiforme, sustainably wild harvested and dried in Japan.

Ingredients: dried Hijiki sea vegetable (Hizikia fusiforme).

Product weight - 50g 

Cooking with Hijiki

To prepare:

  • Soak for 10 minutes (volume will triple) 

  • Drain

  • Rinse

  • Discard the soaking water

  • Cook in fresh water for 10 minutes with your choice of seasonings

  • Add to vegetable, seed and protein dishes

Nutritional Info:

typical per 100g

energy 448KJ/106kcal

protein 9.5g

carbohydrate 15.3g

of which sugars 0.3g

fat 0.7g

of which saturates 0.4g

fibre 45g

sodium 1.5g

calcium 1550mg

magnesium 630mg

iron 36.4mg

iodine 40.8mg

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