River Cottage everyday – a recommendation

Whilst shopping at Booths in Ripon today, I was waiting in the “10 items and under queue” and found this recommendation, and I was so pleased that I bought the book (£8 off cover price to boot):

“Pepper and other spices

Spices remain exotic ingredients – precious, fragrant substances that that must be imported from regions of the world more lush and tropical than our own.  These days, it’s easy to find excellent examples, grown in a way that’s respectful to the environment – and traded in a way that’s respectful to the grower, too.  Fairtrade and organic spices are available in many supermarkets and delis but it’s online that you’ll find the greatest variety – try www.steenbergs.co.uk.”

The quote is taken from p 16 of Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s latest cookbook “River Cottage everyday” – that’s a recommendation that’s fine by me.

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