Steenbergs Launches New Design For Spice Tins

At Steenbergs, we have been doing a lot of work trying to refresh parts of our organic spices and seasonings range.  Now we have relaunched our spice tins into a bright new label and an elegant rolled tin.

Steenbergs new spice tins

Steenbergs new spice tins

Part of what we have been seeking to do is to pull out parts of our long list of spices and seasonings that can either sit as a standalone range, such as our Home Bakery products (which we relaunched in August 2009), or added value blends that differentiate Steenbergs in the spices and seasonings world. 

We have a range of over 200 blends that we make in small batches by hand which is way more than industrial spice blenders and packers can hope to do – they just don’t have the ability to work on small batch runs nor the inclination.

So during 2009 we redesigned the spice tin, which was originally a spice dabbah made for us in Mumbai in India, to a rolled tin that is now being made for us in China.  This new tin was launched in mid 2009 and looks much smarter and more elegant than the old tin that we felt was a bit shiny and the shapes of the actual dabbahs were inconsistent.

In the latter part of 2009 and through to early 2010, we have created a new look label for a few of our most popular blends – Steenbergs Signature Blends.  These labels are brightly coloured, individual for each seasoning and now include a recipe idea.

The labels were printed last week and are now launched on the web site and will be officially launched at the forthcoming Organic & Natural Products Show at Olympia in April 2010. 

They have great shelf presence and we expect to add maybe another 5 – 10 more over the next 2 years.  The blends that are currently available are:

Organic Fairtrade 4 colour pepper
Organic Fairtrade curry powder
(a new blend!)
Organic Fairtrade garam masala
Organic Harissa with Rose Petals
Organic Herbes de Provence
Organic Italian Herbs

Organic Mixed Herbs
Ras al hanut

Tell us what you think, and what other Steenbergs products we should add to this range of Signature Blends – I am thinking China 5 Spice, Dukkah, Jamaican Jerk and Mexican Chile Powder.

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3 Responses to “Steenbergs Launches New Design For Spice Tins”

  1. Caro McAdam says:

    I don’t like them! For me, one of the great charms of Steenbergs jars and tins is the label with ‘Blended in Yorkshire’ in vaguely italic script. These, in comparison, are a bit cartoony.. garish even, and nowhere near as individual and distinctive. I’m sorry you’ve abandoned the Indian tins in favour of ones from China, too.

  2. Axel says:

    We’re sorry you don’t like them as we were trying to make them brighter and more in line with our sugars, extracts and tea tin branding and took a lot of time and effort on our part. They are only for a few blends and the classic Steenbergs labels for blends, spices etc in the glass jars are unchanged and remain as the core option – still with the “Blended in Yorkshire”. These are a new and alternate style to respond to customers who have said they find the jars very difficult to read, a bit low tech and without a recipe idea. On the tins themselves, we were forced to find an alternate source when we had supply issues with our Indian spice dabbahs as the Indian companies were unable to deliver product ever or of a consistent quality plus the price of the tins had tripled due to price rises in stainless steel; we had actually stopped doing them for some time. Finally when we showed the new versions last year in draft at the Speciality and Fine Food Fair we received a very favourable response, so I guess a few people liked them.

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