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How Steenbergs Tests For Allergens And Other Nasties

Friday, April 15th, 2016

Steenbergs’ story is one of hunting for the best quality, cleanest cooking flavours you can find, from all round the world bought in the most respectful way possible”.

For us, this means organically farmed, fairly traded and from suppliers that have been certified by food safety and quality schemes (ideally, BRC or ISO 22000), and food that respects your desire for junk-free ingredients – no allergens, no chemicals, no harm to nature, no “heads or tails”, no messing with employees, no disrespect of suppliers and no lies.

That’s all a given.  We test for microbial contaminants and chemicals from microbial chemicals or other contamination – mycotoxins, ochratoxins, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons,  chlorates and perchlorates.  Today, for example, I have been testing a sample of packed products for water activity levels to check these are in the expected range.

But most enquiries that we get are about allergens.  That’s a more complicated answer.

Firstly, we process and store allergens separately from standard ingredients, using clean and dedicated equipment for allergens.

Secondly, we buy from suppliers who say that they follow allergen segregation procedures, and are BRC or ISO 22000 (as above).

Thirdly, we have internal and external testing programmes that check for: the presence of allergens on our equipment or in the building; and the presence of allergens in our packed products.  We use test kits for gluten (GlutenTox Pro) and for mustard, peanuts, sesame, treenuts and (less regularly) milk and soy (Neogen).  External testing of packed products and (also) of our equipment for allergen proteins or DNA is done by Eurofins and Neogen Laboratories.

Unfortunately because of the way of our products are grown, it is simply not possible to be absolutely certain that allergens don’t get into the supply chain somewhere, somehow – whether  growing alongside our spices and herbs or processed in the same factories at origin.  So we don’t pretend that they could never be there, but we do our best to make sure our products are as clean as possible for you.

We also get asked about potential other contaminants – agrochemicals, colours and radiation.

Almost all our ingredients are organic and so there’s a legal chain of custody that proves our spices to be organic.  For both organic and non-organic products, we then get pesticide residue tests of the raw materials to check they meet EU requirements.  Then, we have a testing programme for packed products covering: heavy metals (arsenic, chromium, lead and mercury), illegal colours, pesticides and radiation.

We accept it’s not fool-proof but we’re getting there.

Overall, we take the integrity of our ingredients very seriously indeed and are constantly fussing about how to prove to ourselves that our products are as pure as pure can be, and that no one in our supply chain is duping us.

Notes (for those who want more detail):

Here’s a detailed overview of our testing programme:

Allergen, chemical and physical contaminant testing procedures

Test Provider Rationale
Internal tests Done on randomly selected packed products regularly throughout year
Gluten GlutenTox Pro Breadcrumbs: cross-contamination because of poor segregation and clean-down procedures
Internal tests Monthly programme of environmental swabs to test for contaminants in production and changing areas
Allergens 3M Clean-Trace (Allergen) Swabs Cleaning: checks efficiency of clean down for down to 3µg of protein on surfaces
Gluten GlutenTox Pro gliadin swabs Breadcrumbs: cross-contamination because of poor segregation and clean-down procedures
Milk Neogen lateral flow test kits Not onsite: cross-contamination from outside
Mustard Neogen lateral flow test kits Mustard: cross-contamination because of poor segregation and clean-down procedures
Peanut Neogen lateral flow test kits Not onsite: cross-contamination from outside
Sesame Neogen lateral flow test kits Sesame, zaatar: cross-contamination because of poor segregation and clean-down procedures
Soy Neogen lateral flow test kits Not onsite: cross-contamination from outside
Treenuts (Almond, cashew, hazelnut, pecan, pistachio, walnut) Neogen lateral flow test kits Not onsite: cross-contamination from outside
External tests Done on randomly selected packed products throughout year
Allergens (Elisa) Intertek Stoke; Neogen Foodsafe, labelling, authenticity (incl. vegetarian)
Allergens (DNA) Eurofins Foodsafe, labelling, authenticity
Chlorates; perchlorates Eurofins Foodsafe, authenticity (organic)
Colours (Illegal dyes) Eurofins; Northern Hygiene (Staffordshire Scientific Services) Authenticity (organic), foodsafe
Ethylene oxide Northern Hygiene (Staffordshire Scientific Services) Foodsafe, authenticity (organic)
Heavy metals Northern Hygiene (Staffordshire Scientific Services) Foodsafe
Fish and meat Eurofins (DNA); Neogen Authenticity (halal, kosher, vegetarian)
Mycotoxins Northern Hygiene (Staffordshire Scientific Services) Foodsafe
PAH (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons) Eurofins Foodsafe
Pesticides Eurofins; Northern Hygiene (Staffordshire Scientific Services) Authenticity (organic), foodsafe
Radiation Eurofins Authenticity (organic)


Springtime Reaches Aldborough

Sunday, April 10th, 2016
Dere Street, now Boroughbridge Road, With A Really Wide Verge

Boroughbridge Road Near Marton-cum-Grafton

10th April: today was the first day that really felt like spring in Aldborough – bright blue sky, no wind and a little warmth that seems to have enlivened everyone.

When I went out for my Sunday cycle and run, there were definitely more people out compared to the much poorer showing for most of the winter months.  Fellow cyclists, walkers, runners and cars – even about thirty cars squashed in the lane between Upper and Lower Dunsforth from the Yorkshire Searchers, a metal detecting club.

Birds seen: black birds, crows, dunnocks, linnets, magpie, sparrows (we’ve several living in our roof), woodpigeon, wrens  and the canary-yellow of a yellowhammer; no birds of prey, but have seen recently: kestrels, a red kite and a barn owl that tracked down the road by the hedgerow until it spotted and swooped onto a mouse or shrew, then flew off.  Sometimes, there are buzzards and a sparrowhawk.  Later, Sophie and I walked in the sunshine on the levées by the Ure, carpeted in golden flowers of lesser celandine and dandelion, and watched sand martins pirouetting in the sky above the river-bank by Ellenthorpe Hall.

Flood Defences By Ellenthorpe Hall

Celandine Flowers By River Ure By Aldborough

Spring must be here, finally; next, there will be swallows, but not yet.

Everywhere, you see rabbits nibbling at the grass verges or darting across country lanes.  A few weeks ago, a roe deer scampered out from copse between the A1M and the old Great North Road (now the A168), and sometimes there’s a flash of russet as a weasel scampers from one side of the road to the other.

With the lack of wind and because it was early, the soundscape was wonderful – the birdsong joyous along the hedgerows – with only the faintest hint of cars passing.  Even the long train of Yorkshire Searchers were quiet as they were stationery at the time.  A natural chorus of: chit-it chit-it, klep-toowit, oow-oooh, tiddle-iddle-lu-wi, trrrrrrrr, and who cooks for-you ohA lapwing heard, not seen, on Lower Dunsforth Common.

At the end of the day, May Day dancers practising on the Green.

Update on 17th April: I saw a couple of pioneer swallows whilst out cycling today.  The rest should come in the next few weeks.

Steenbergs Update on 11 Hallikeld Close

Friday, April 1st, 2016

Developments at Steenbergs new unit have been in fits and starts.

First coats of paint have been done and meeting room finished, copper for phones and optical fibre (80Mbit/s download, 20Mbit/s upload) connected to building then internal fibre to broadband hub point all in, plus computer cabling and electrical wiring all in.

But studio kitchen just started yesterday, smaller kitchen not yet begun, and the structural engineer is still to come on site to look at building.  Slow progress but we’ll get there.

Studio kitchen started

Studio kitchen started