About Axel & Sophie’s Blog

When we set out to start a blog, the idea was that it would be a business blog that covered items to do with Steenbergs, our organic Fairtrade herbs & spices business.  However, as we got into it, we realised that this would very quickly become extremely restrictive on what we could write about.  Hence, we changed the name from Steenbergs Blog to Axel & Sophie Steenberg’s Blog and have given ourselves a much wider remit. 

As we both love to cook, there will be lots of recipes, background information on spices, herbs and teas, some cooking tips, as well as links to other sites that we respect a lot in the world of food.  Our food ideas and recipes follow the way we live our life – simple, rural, slightly old fashioned, honest good food, made just how it’s always been made and not too finickity, smartass and clever.

And it’s now about anything that takes our fancy and underpins our philosophy for Steenbergs as a human interest story as well as being about cookery.  It mainly covers food ideas, green thoughts and stuff about Steenbergs, but we also comment about anything that may have a current interest.  Our blog is idosyncratic, perhaps even eccentric, and follows unusual threads fairly often, goes down blind alleys and is full of mistaken ways of looking at the world, but that is who we are and the way we think.

While we will try and be balanced, the blog will be partial especially when talking about Steenbergs Organic’s product lines, so many apologies for that.