Comments And Links

Both Axel and Sophie Steenberg would love to hear from you – we don’t like to feel that we are randomly chatting into a blog vacuum where no-one is out there, or that they are only interested in what other, much more famous, cool and interesting people have to say. 

However, we do use WordPress to run our blog, which allows us to monitor comments that come through before they are posted.  We do not allow any old comment that comes along and have the following general editorial principles:

  1. No spam
  2. Nothing rude, crude or lude, so nothing inflammatory or pornographic
  3. No illicit material
  4. Nothing viral
  5. Nothing that just seems wrong, i.e. we have overall final say on whether to post anything on our blog

But other than that we would love to hear your comments on our blog postings and will even take genuine and constructive criticism on the chin, and try and learn from things that other people feel we ought to be doing or thinking about.

As for links to the blog, we try and decide these for ourselves as they reflect the character of our thoughts, interests and views generally, so will only accept new links after much careful consideration.  The best way to get your links onto our blog is to make sensible and constructive comments directly on Axel and Sophie Steenberg’s blog.