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Time for Tea – our monthly chat with someone who cares about tea

Wednesday, March 1st, 2017

nikibakesThis month our Time for Tea chat is with Niki Behjousiar, Recipe Creator and founder of nikibakes. Niki has been blogging for over 10 years and has recently collaborated with Steenbergs on 4 special blog posts focusing on key Steenbergs ingredients, which we will share in the coming weeks.

  1. What is your favourite tea to set you up for the day first thing in the morning?

I love a good Persian tea in the morning; it’s so energising and so invigorating. ORGANIC GINGERBREAD CHAI TEA LOOSE LEAF is also a firm favourite of mine to have in the morning from Steenbergs, especially as the mornings are still quite frosty, it warms you up beautifully and gears me up for my morning commute to work, a true blessing for me!

  1. What is your favourite tea to relax you in the afternoon?

As the day progresses I love to switch to herbal teas, I really enjoy a good chamomile in the evenings.

  1. Which Steenbergs tea would you most like to try and why?

I would love to try the ORGANIC CHILLI CHAI TEA LOOSE LEAF as it seems like a unique blend and very warming, I haven’t seen anything like it on the market and I love a bit of chilli in my dishes so why not in a drink too!

  1. What other Steenbergs products do you most enjoy and why?

This is a very tricky question as I love all of the products I’ve had the pleasure to try. I particularly enjoy the happy hippy salt; it’s unique and so soft on the palette, the cardamom pods, the harissa with rose, smoked paprika, chermoula…we could be here for a while.

  1. Who would you most like to have a cup of tea with and why?

I would most like to have a cup of tea with Sophie Steenberg as she is inspirational and so creative with the spice mixes. She is a person I look up to as a food blogger for good quality spices.

About Nikibakes

nikiiinikibakes has been blogging for over 10 years and has a passion for gluten free and dairy free recipes. She’s a Persian chef who loves all things spice and particularly enjoys Asian and South American cuisine. She’s always on the lookout for fresh and delicious flavour combinations and uses our spices daily in her cooking and on her blog.





Instagram: @nutritiouslynikibakes