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Steenbergs Tea Taster Panel

Thursday, June 19th, 2014



Welcome back to our tea taster panel, where this time our resident testers have been trying out some interesting teas: Gunpowder and Green Earl Grey.   We’ve had a great response and thought we’d share some of their thoughts and ideas with you. 

Steenbergs organic Gunpowder Tea

A new tea for many of our tasters, who seem to prefer it medium strength with only a couple of you needing to add a little sweetness with honey or a slice of lemon.  This versatile tea was drunk at all times of the day and interestingly, a good few of you chose to drink this after dinner in the evening.  Reminiscent of folk or classical music for many, but with some Chinese opera thrown in!


Steenbergs organic gunpowder tea – loose leaf Chinese Green tea


Key Phrases for Gunpowder: light, refreshing, easy to drink


Steenbergs organic gunpowder Chinese green tea.

Steenbergs organic gunpowder Chinese green tea.

2. Steenbergs organic Green Earl Grey

Steenbergs organic Green Earl Grey Tea – loose leaf

The majority of our tasters really enjoyed this alternative take on a classic earl grey and enjoyed it for its fresh, floral and aromatic flavours.  No milk, lemon or honey was needed at all but more of you ate it with food – albeit a biscuit or some cake! The strength varied considerably as people brewed it according to their liking, with variations from high to low.  Many of you enjoyed this during the morning and found it a cosy homely drink to be enjoyed with family and friends.  Maybe a more upbeat kind of tea than the gunpowder though, as a few of you instinctively chose Reggae music, along with the classical and folk genres.

Key Phrases for Green Earl Grey: fresh, floral, aromatic, delicate, lovely smell

Steenbergs has a wide range of loose leaf speciality teas, a whole range of green teas, blends, single estate teas, chais and herbal teas. Have a browse and let us know your favourites.

Chinese Green Art Teas – Yin Yuan

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

I have received a few Chinese Green Teas that have been hand crafted into intricate shapes – they are called Art Teas or Flower Teas and they really do look exquisite.  And for those tea drinkers like me, who love the ceremony and artistry of the whole pallaver of making tea, Art Green Teas are a wonderful luxury.

China Green Tea - Yin Yuan

China Green Tea - Yin Yuan

Yin Yuan is made from green tea that has been tied together and pressed into the shape of a coin; the word yuan is a type of round coin in China while yin is dark as in yin and yang.  Hidden inside are a few chrysanthemum blossoms tied to a piece of string.  Ideally you should brew this tea in a big glass bowl as the green tea opens out into a huge spectacle of tentacles or fronds like a chrysthemum flower or a sea anemone.  I think it looks really quite amazing and I liked watching the tea fold out and the blossoms suddenly float upwards; it’s mesmerizing and slightly mindless – a bit like watching a fish tank for hours on end – but strangely peaceful.

China Yin Yuan Green Tea Opened Out

China Yin Yuan Green Tea Opened Out

The tea itself has a lovely light green colour and tastes green and fresh, with hints of flowery blossom coming through.  There is no hint of bitterness and the flowers give a delicate peachy sweetness.  Yin Yuan Green Tea is one to indulge with yourself selfishly when there’s no-one else around to disturb your thoughts or noise to intrude your few moments of peace.

Brewed Bowl Of China Green Tea - Yin Yuan

Brewed Bowl Of China Green Tea - Yin Yuan