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Recipe development – mother and son

Wednesday, May 27th, 2015

Steenbergs is very much a family business, not just Axel and Sophie and their children, but also the people who work for us find their whole family have become part of the wider Steenbergs family.  Sally Roberts, who helps with recipe development at Steenbergs, had a wonderful surprise when she was creating over the holidays…

I had a wonderful surprise yesterday, and the realisation that habits can be absorbed and implemented by the next generation! Having fed my 15 year old son some homemade sausage rolls, who has only had the cuisine experience of cooking scrambled egg or sausages for breakfast, he decided he wanted to make some spicy sausage rolls. Ingredients purchased (rolled-out pastry, Cumberland sausages, leek and coriander sausages rather than plain sausage meat as we couldn’t find any at such short notice!) I left him in the kitchen and went to an appointment.

Upon return, beautifully tempting sausage rolls (2 flavours!) were cooling, list of Steenbergs products used in his recipe recorded on paper and a photo had been taken of the finished product! ‘Next time, I will start with unflavoured sausage meat Mum’ he said! For George’s recipes 1 and 2 click on the numbers.

George's spicy sausage rolls

George’s spicy sausage rolls


Spice – season – savour.

If you would like to share your recipes with us, we would love to hear from you. Recipes can come from anyone – the only proviso is that they use some Steenbergs products and that you like the end result!


The Healing Powers of Home Baked Cakes

Monday, June 29th, 2009

I (Sophie)  was recently convalescing at home and by about the second week (apart from getting frustrated about not being out and about and having very little voice) I was very privileged to receive three delicious home made cakes.

The first was a delicious rich chocolate cake.

The second a dark chocolate pavlova  from Forever Summer by Nigella. This was incredibly light and delicious and just disappeared in seconds – although I had to fight my seven year old for the end – apparently convalesence is no argument for getting the last piece!.

The third was the delicious carrot cake – already mentioned in our recipe section, under Sally’s carrot cake – this one was made with angelica rather than orange but the effect was wonderful and generally improved family health.

Flowers are fantastic and those received were certainly much appreciated but the unexpected delights of a home made cake cannot be surpassed – just a little slice here and there I’m sure did wonders for my speedy recovery!  Many many thanks to the cook, Sally – I have to say there was absolutely nothing left over. 

(Whilst I was contacting my friend Sally for the recipe information for the blog – she admitted that the feel good thing wasn’t just one way – “the whole thing about making and giving someone a cake has a real feel good factor too”.)

So if you know of anyone not feeling 100% – it’s worth thinking about…


I’ve just read Rose Prince’s article in the Telegraph Magazine (Saturday 27 June 2009) where she’s talking about Picnic Perfect – her comment on home made cakes? “remember that a homemade cake is a love letter to everyone”.