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Fairtrade Flowers And The Volcano – An Update

Wednesday, April 28th, 2010

This is the response I got from Sainsbury’s on Fairtrade Flowers:

“Thanks for your email.  I have looked into the issues you have raised and have found Sainsburys did not directly compensate Fairtrade supliers [sic], or farmers during the Volcanic ash disruption period.

We did however try extremely hard to get the flowers into stores and we looked at every possible travel option to get products into stores.  At the beginning of the flight ban we had flowers flown into south Spain, as the ban didnt apply there and we then drove the produce by truck into the UK.

We thoroughly enquired into every possible supply route to get these items into store.  We are not aware of any products being destroyed due to the flight ban.”

Which conflicts with all the reports about the impact of the ash on Fairtrade flower farmers in Kenya where Benjamin Gatland of South African Fairtrade Network said “Kenyan Fairtrade rose growers alone lost approximately one million flowers a day” – see

Who’s correct? I think I know who…

New Information About Global Warming

Thursday, February 11th, 2010

I’ve been reading New Scientist this week (6/2/2010) and there were 2 interesting articles on climate change this week:

  1. Water vapour fingered in climate change:  this reported that a rise in water vapour in the atmosphere fuelled 30% of global warming in the 1990s, while a 10% fall in 2001 has slowed down global warming in last decade by 25%;
  2. Imports mean UK emissions are up not down: this is a report commisioned by defra that they are now sitting on that shows that while national carbon dioxide emissions are down by 148 megatonnes between 1992 and 2004, this was outweighed by a 217 megatonne rise in embedded carbon dioxide emissions from imported products over the same period. 

A fuller report is found at Environmental Science and Technology but in essence all this says is that the fall in greenhouse gas emissions in the UK is mainly due to the fact that we have exported our greenhouse gasses to India and China, together with all our manufacturing capability and much of our social and health and safety issues.

What do you reckon – is the UK Government seeking to hide an embarassment that actually undermines its supposed adherence to the Kyoto process?