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Weeping Rose Handcrafted Tea

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Weeping Rose Tea In Round Tin 20g £4.50

Flavours:Cleansing, Floral, Light


, Sugar free
, Salt free

Weeping Rose Handcrafted Tea

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Weeping Rose Tea comes from Yunnan in China.  Weeping Rose Tea is an exquisite green tea with silvery white tips that has been hand processed and hand stitched with rose buds in a large wheel shape, where the leaves point outwards like tendrils.  The flavour of Weeping Rose tea is of white tea character with hints of rose and plum blossom from the rosebuds.  This type of artisan tea has been made for at least 250 years from silver white tips that grow some 1800 metres above sea level.  Originally called Rose Chrysanthemum Tea, its name changed during the Second World War in honour of Huan Yue's lost British love.

The story is that Huan Yue, a local widow, who worked in a Yunnan tea factory, fell in love with a handsome British pilot during World War Two.  As their love grew, the woman, who was still sad for the loss of her husband, they vowed that after the war was ended they would marry.  One day, however, her love was ordered to fly reconnaissance over the Gulf of Japan, but promised to return to her by dinner.  Later, in tears, Huan Yue fell asleep in her kitchen and in her dreams the pilot came to her and told her that he had been shot down and died.  The next day, Huan Yue went to work in the factory and as she stitched the rosebuds into the tea leaves, she started to cry uncontrollably for her lost love, with her tears falling onto the rosebuds.  Thereafter, in honour of her lost love, the tea is called Weeping Rose tea.

Tea and romance seem to go together. 

Tea Brewing: Put 1 wheel of of Weeping Rose Tea into a teapot.  Bring freshly drawn water to the boil, then after a 15 second pause pout this hot water over the Weeping Rose Tea, which should be around 80C/180F.  Steep for 3-5 minutes, then drink without milk or sugar.  As you wait, watch the leaves unfurl into an chrystanthemum shape.

Each tin contains 3 wheels of tea.

Nutritional Info:

Values per 100g of brewed tea:
Energy 0kCal; 2kJ
Protein 0.1g
Carbohydrates 0.0g
Fat 0.0g

Values per 225g mug of brewed tea:
Energy 0kCal; 4.5kJ
Protein 0.2g
Carbohydrates 0.0g
Fat 0.0g

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