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Organic Orange Extract 60ml

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Organic Orange Extract 60ml - glass bottle £3.25

Flavours:Fresh, Fruity

Cuisine:America, British
, European

, Vegan
, Sugar free

Organic Orange Extract 60ml

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Steenbergs Organic Orange extract 60ml is a lovely citrus smelling extract that uses organic sunflower oil flavoured with organic orange oil.  Steenbergs Organic Orange Extract is a great complement to desserts like custards and ice cream, or in fruit pies or tarts, or why not try with fish to add a certain posh sophistication.

Ingredients: organic sunflower oil, organic orange oil

The Telegraph's Rose Prince uses Steenbergs orange extract for these tasty double cookies - describing Steenbergs as the best orange extract! 

Steenbergs Organic Orange Extract comes from the volatile oils in bitter orange peel from Citrus x aurantium. Bitter orange covers a range of fruits such as Seville orange (this used to be called the Bigarade) and bergamot orange. Bitter orange is the source of the flavours used for Steenbergs organic orange extract and the blossom is used for Steenbergs organic orange blossom water. Bitter orange is also used as the rootstock for the sweet orange. Bitter orange trees are an evergreen flowering tree that grows to around 10m in height (30-35ft). Orange leaves are arranged alternately and have an oval shape, being darker green on the upper side of its leaves than underneath, growing to 5-10cm in length ( 2-4 inches). Citrus trees are almost entirely infertile and are propagated through grafting, with the sweet orange often using bitter orange as the rootstock. They are grown outside in groves and must be grown in warmer temperatures of 16-29C (60-85F). The orange fruit is really a modified berry, with numerous seeds, is fleshy and soft with around 10 segments (or carpels) inside, and derives from a single ovary. The orange fruit is covered in a bright orange rind created from the thickening of the ovary wall. The orange seed is the "pip" and the white material within the peel is called the "pith". The pigmented outer skin is full of oil glands that contain much of the heady notes of citrus and when flexing a piece of orange peel it will release oil from the glands, sometimes as a spray from the limonene oils.  It is these volatile oils that forms the basis of the organic orange oil that is then mixed with organic sunflower oil to create this orange extract.  For more on bitter orange trees, try Wikipedia.

Orange extract can be used in place of orange juice in any recipe or used to add a citrus twist to your cookery.  Why not add Steenbergs organic orange extract to your fruit cakes as in our Simnel Cake recipe or this one from the BBC or here's an intriguing scone recipe with both lemon and orange extracts?

Steenbergs organic orange extract is part of Steenbergs' range of organic flower waters and organic extracts that have been created to lift your bakery onto a new plane. Steenbergs, also, has a wide range of organic spices, organic peppercorns, organic herbs, organic seasoning blends, organic extracts and flavours and organic teas. If you want more information, the best thing is to email or call 01765 640 088.

This product is registered with the Vegan Society and Kosher certified.

Nutritional Info:

Values per 100g:
Energy 851kCal; 3500kJ
Protein 1.0g
Carbohydrates 0.5g
Fat 94.1g

Values per 2.5g teaspoon:
Energy 21kCal; 87kJ
Protein 0.0g
Carbohydrates 0.0g
Fat 2.3g

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