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Organic Spicy Salt Seasoning

Description Price Quantity
Organic Spicy Salt Seasoning Standard Jar 72g £2.55

Flavours:Hot, Salty


, Vegan
, Sugar free

Organic Spicy Salt Seasoning

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Steenbergs Organic Spicy Salt Seasoning is a delicious, warming spiced up salt mix that conjurs up sultry summery days lazing by a river.  At Steenbergs Spices we never expected Steenbergs Organic Flavoured Salts to be such a hit, but from the outset Axel and Sophie Steenberg felt we needed a spicier New World version to complement the traditional European flavour of Steenbergs Organic Perfect Salt Seasoning Blend.

Steenbergs Organic Spicy Salt Seasoning is based on ideas and experiments Axel Steenberg made using "The Prudhomme Family Cookbook" and is really a homage to his style of Cajun cooking. Steenbergs Organic Spicy Salt Seasoning is a hot, peppery spice blend that brings together the hot spicy flavours of organic pepper , organic paprika and organic cayenne and the herby tastes reminiscent of Mediterranean cooking such as organic thyme and organic oregano and mixes these into that oldest of seasoning tastes, salt panned in the Mediterranean.

Sprinkle Steenbergs Organic Spicy Salt Seasoning onto chicken, fish or beef, rub in and allow to marinate for at least half an hour before grilling or barbecuing. Or simply use as a general flavouring to anything to perk up your stew or vegetables. Steenbergs Organic Spicy Salt Mix is hand blended at Steenbergs eco-friendly spice factory in North Yorkshire in England.

Ingredients for Steenbergs Organic Spicy Salt Seasoning - sea salt (75%), organic paprika ( pimenton ), organic garlic powder , organic chilli powder , organic onion powder , organic ground white pepper powder , organic ground black pepper powder , organic thyme , organic oregano herb

For more information on Steenbergs Organic Spicy Salt , stockists or bulk enquiries please call 01765 640 088 or email enquiries@steenberg.co.uk.

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