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Organic Icing Sugar - Suma

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Organic Icing Sugar Suma 500g £3.95


Cuisine:America, British
, European

, Vegan

Organic Icing Sugar - Suma

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Suma's organic icing sugar comes from natural cane sugar grown in Mauritius. Suma's organic icing sugar is a classic baker's sugar, so is suitable for a whole host of uses from icing and dusting cakes to making peppermint creams.   Or why not use organic icing sugar to make meringues or frosting for your home-made cupcakes.  For a delicious change try the small addition of rose water into the icing - for a rose icing.

This organic icing sugar has a more subtle flavour than white icing sugar, and does not contain chemical additives as free flowing agents, so will need sieving.

Ingredients: Organic Icing Sugar, corn flour

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