Spices for Devilled Egg Christmas E-Book

This selection of Steenbergs spices and seasonings are designed to go with the Devilled Egg Cookery School's Christmas e-book.

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  • Flavours: Aromatic
  • Cuisines: European
  • Packaging type: Glass
  • Recyclability: Recyclable

Spices for Devilled Egg Christmas E-Book details and description

We're really excited about this selection of spice mixes, edible flowers and seasonings that we've put together as an accompaniment to the Devilled Egg Cookery School Christmas e-book that they kindly designed for us. (The e-book has over 50 amazing recipes to take you through the whole season and beyond).

We all love a bit of decoration and Christmas is certainly when most of us like to make things more special - we've included in this bag our cornflower petals (gorgeous blue) and our organic rose petals (intense pink). They work brilliantly together as the colours contrast nicely.

Also in the bag is the Steenbergs organic Fairtrade cinnamon sugar - need we say more - always very popular.

If you haven't tried our beetroot powder it can create intense colours and the e-book has a wonderful recipe for homemade pasta that builds on the pinky red and makes it look very special.

Steenbergs organic perfect salt is a go to seasoning at any time, it can be used on its own on the table or in any savoury dishes. Its a great blend of sea salt, cracked black pepper and mixed herbs.

For other blends there's the sweet Steenbergs organic speculoos spice mix and the Steenbergs Organic New York Chai spice mix.

On the savoury side there's sumac (always popular), Steenbergs organic star anise (so pretty and flavoursome), and Steenbergs Thai spice mix.

And we've included one of the Old Hamlet's Fairtrade mulled wine sugar and spice mixes.

All packed in one of the Steenbergs classic jute bag.