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  • Flavours: Sweet
  • Cuisines: American, British, European
  • Ingredient features: Organic, Vegan

Steenbergs A Taste for Baking Jute Gift Bag details and description

This lovely bag full of wonderful Steenbergs baking ingredients. This Steenbergs bag has been designed as a great gift for baking lovers.
Organic rose water -  a heady rose scented water that's perfect in cakes, biscuits and in icing. (Also great in savoury dishes).

Organic Orange Blossom Water - delicious in madeleines, cakes, baklava, egg custards and like rose water can also add a floral note to savoury dishes. Steenbergs Almond Extract is a great tasting Natural Almond Extract, full of dreamy volatile bittersweet aromas.  Steenbergs Almond Extract has no added sugar and is a traditional extract made with just water, alcohol and bitter almond oil. Delicious in macaroons, marzipan - almond paste -, bakewell tarts, pastries and with apricots. If you've never smelt Steenbergs Almond Extract before, you are in for a treat. It's one of the things that makes everyone in the factory happy when it's being packed! Organic Fairtrade Vanilla Extract - this gorgeous vanilla extract is made from Madagascan vanilla beans, with no added sugar. A real treat for vanilla lovers and bakers. Organic Fairtrade Mixed Spice is a blend of sweet spices for flavouring cakes, biscuits, sweet pies, pastries. From Christmas cake to mince pies  with all the lovely warm aromas of mulled wine mixed in with the aroma of cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and the great camphor-like flavours of cloves. Also delicious with baked apples, crumbles and pies. Organic Lemon Extract - this organic lemon extract is on an organic sunflower oil base. This adds an amazing dimension to biscuits and cakes. Very lemony, no added sugar. Organic Fairtrade cinnamon sugar - what baking isn't this a tasty addition to? It's great as toppings on creme brulee, or sprinkled over baked fruit, crumbles, pies, cakes - if you like cinnamon then Steenbergs organic Fairtrade cinnamon combined with a nice crunchy sugar is perfect for you. We've also included two important baking powders - Steenbergs Bicarbonate of Soda and our gluten free gluten free baking powder.

We've also included the great If you care large baking cups (unbleached), TG Woodware FSC pastry brush, tart tamper and boxwood pastry cutter.

Finally we've added one of specially designed organic unbleached cotton tea towels, featuring local artist Rob Blades vision of a beautiful rural field.

Comes complete with gift card, so don't forget to add your special message!