17 December 2021

Recent Heavy Metal Test Results For Steenbergs Herbs, Spices and Teas

Steenbergs shares recent laboratory results for heavy metals residues of a random sample of its organic ingredients. These tests form part of our normal testing regime to ensure our ingredients are as good as you can get in the UK.

Recent Heavy Metal Test Results For Steenbergs Herbs, Spices and Teas

At Steenbergs, we have been asked a lot recently about heavy metals in organic herbs and spices because our customers quite rightly are worried about the quality of their Steenbergs products. We test for heavy metals on a random basis across our range and suppliers must meet UK food safety standards for heavy metal residues in the ingredients they supply to us.

So, I thought it might help to simply list the results from our latest round of testing to give some comfort about the purity of our products. These tests were done in November and December 2021 by Lancashire County Scientific Services' public health laboratory.

IngredientArsenic (mg/kg)Cadmium (mg/kg)Mercury (mg/kg)Lead (mg/kg)
Assam Tea, Organic (India)0.310.03<0.020.08
Cinnamon, Organic/Fairtrade (Sri Lanka)0.040.16<0.020.91
Cloves, Organic/Fairtrade (Sri Lanka) <0.03<0.02<0.020.07
Ginger, Organic/Fairtrade (Sri Lanka<0.030.04<0.020.28
Onion Flakes, Organic (Egypt)<0.030.02<0.020.02    
Oregano, Organic (Albania)0.82<0.02<0.020.4
Oregano, Organic (Turkey)0.080.07<0.020.27
Black Pepper, Organic/Fairtrade (Sri Lanka)<0.030.02<0.020.07
Turmeric, Organic (India)0.03<0.02<0.020.09
Turmeric, Organic/Fairtrade (Sri Lanka)0.030.47<0.020.73

All heavy metals and lots of other chemicals occur naturally within the soil and water, so it is a matter of ensuring residue levels are not too high and fall within both our and your expectations.

So, while there is some concern on the internet - quite rightly - about heavy metals and other contaminants in spices, Steenbergs is on this and is constantly testing heavy metals in its organic spices.