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  • Packaging type: Cardboard
  • Recyclability: Recyclable

Humble Bamboo Interdental Brush Pink S4 6 pack details and description

Humble BPA-free bristles on the interdental brush gently capture and remove the nasties hiding between your teeth, while the bamboo handle ensures steady handling, as well as some breathing room for mother nature. Unlike regular plastic interdental brushes, this one has a handle made from 100% biodegradable, sustainably-grown bamboo. Bamboo as well as being the fastest growing plant on the planet, is also naturally antibacterial which means there no fertilizers or pesticides during its cultivation. An eco friendly alternative to flossing. 

Humble Co is a Swedish health and wellness company offering reliable and innovative products that are good for you and kind to the planet. Each Humble purchase funds oral health projects benefitting children in need. In collaboration with the Swedish non profit organization, Humble Smith Foundation, they have carried our projects in vulnerable communities in 37 countries around the world. For more info go to

✔️ environmentally friendly packaging
✔️ vegan✔️ cruelty free✔️ dentist approved