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Organic White Tea - Bai Mu Dan - Loose Leaf Tea 500g details and description

Organic Pai Mu Tan - literally White Peony - is an organic white tea from the Fujian Province of China. It's sometimes spelt organic Bai Mu Dan.
Organic white teas, which were the favourite tea of Emperor Hui Tsung in 1100AD, are the least processed of all organic teas. The organic tea leaves are dried on the ground or on a shelf in the sun. Then, these organic white teas are immediately dried without any rolling and packed. It's the rolling process that would normally have started the oxidation of the organic tea leaves - for organic green teas, firing occurs soon after rolling to prevent any significant oxidation.
As a result, organic white teas release the least amount of caffeine of all teas (generally 5 -10mg per cup) and have a flavour as close to the fresh leaf as you'll get.  Organic green teas are naturally low in caffeine and contain polyphenols which are valued for their antioxidant properties.
For more detail on the health properties of tea, please go to Tea Council. Steenbergs organic white tea has big silvery-white leaves and (when brewed) has a light amber colour with a delicate and very pleasing, sweet flavour.
Brewing tip: Use a warmed tea-pot and put 1 - 2 teaspoons of organic Pai Mu Tan tea leaves into the pot, add freshly boiled water that has slightly cooled and leave to infuse for 6 minutes then add 1 minute per subsequent steep - you can brew these teas at least 3 times. For more details on brewing, go to "How to Make Tea".
Ingredients: organic white tea
This is the 500gg version and comes in a resealable pack to keep your tea fresh and ready for a refreshing cup of tea.
Part of the Steenbergs catering and refill range of organic loose leaf green and white teas.