Steenbergs Salted Green Pepper from Madagascar 30g

Steenbergs Salted Green Peppercorns are grown and created from the island of Madagascar. Wonderful and different flavours.

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  • Flavours: Hot, Salty
  • Ingredient features: Sugar free
  • Packaging type: Glass
  • Recyclability: Recyclable
  • Net Weight: 30g

Steenbergs Salted Green Pepper from Madagascar 30g details and description

Steenbergs salted green peppercorns are grown and created in Madagascar, where they are first preserved in brine then dried. This gives them a surprising crunch as well as being delicious. They are a great finishing pepper (with the combined saltiness),to go on the top of snacks and tapas or even on their own as a great nibble to go with a drink (not to be eaten in handfuls though).  

This is a dry version of green peppercorns in brine, similar flavours of course, but with no liquid to drain off and the green peppercorns have more crunch as they are dried.