The Famous Fossils Playing Cards

Heritage Playing Cards Illustrated Cards showing Fossils - enjoy these cards whilst playing your favourite game.

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Sophie's comment

We love playing cards as a family and we love all the different Heritage ones with their great pictures and good quality cards.

The Famous Fossils Playing Cards details and description

Heritage Playing Cards Illustrated The Famous Fossils Playing Cards are great cards to use whilst playing your favourite card game. 

Derived from the latin word "fossilis" meaning "to be dug up" fossils refer to naturally buried and preserved remains of life forms that existed in prehistoric times. These playing cards beautifully illustrated by artist Cecilia Fitzsimons, feature 54 pictures of fossils of flora, fauna and more, giving a fascinating glimpse into an ancient geological world. Each card is details with the name, location and era, additionally definied as "mya" (millions of years ago). Provides a colourful narrative of Earth's past.