17 September 2019

Introducing SWELL - the new range of Nutritious Superfoods from Steenbergs

Renowned for their environmental credentials and pioneering Fairtrade spices, Steenbergs have launched phase one of their new brand SWELL.

Introducing SWELL - the new range of Nutritious Superfoods from Steenbergs

“SWELL is a brand new range of plant-based Steenbergs Wellness products,” explains Axel Steenberg who set up the company with his wife Sophie in 2003. “Designed to be enjoyed as part of a balanced healthy lifestyle, the blends are unique combinations of organic spices and powders, chosen for their health benefits. We have started with turmeric based products as spices are our heritage.  They are vegan but developed to be enjoyed by anyone and everyone.”

The new range includes: Cacao & Turmeric Latte; Turmeric Latte and Cacao Chocolate Drink which are delicious blends of sugar and spices, as well as the sugar free options of Cacao & Turmeric Drink and Golden Turmeric Drink. They have been launched in both sugar-free and sugar-sweetened versions to widen the possible customer base.  Raw Carob Powder completes this set of natural drinks which are all organic, vegan and gluten free. Their versatility allows them to be made with the addition of soy, nut or dairy milks and they are delicious hot or cold.

“The next phase of the launch over the summer will see the introduction of products and blends geared more towards nurturing a healthy gut microbiome,” adds Axel, “and so the deliberate reference to a swollen gut from poor diet and stress.  Products will all be plant-based and carefully chosen to harness the power of plants in promoting wellness within a healthy dietary and fitness regime.  We passionately believe that wellness drives a healthy gut and a healthy gut drives wellness.”

“The other reason for the name,” explains Sophie, “is that we think the products are indeed ‘swell’ and hope everyone enjoys the revitalising blends of spices and nutritious superfoods as much as we’ve enjoyed creating them.”