20 February 2018

Re-purposing spices jars into handmade candles with Wright & Green

Re-purposing spices jars into handmade candles with Wright & Green

When Steenbergs started out in 2003, one of the main reasons for packaging the spices into glass jars with a tight fitting metal lid was to preserve the quality and flavour of the spices. The glass is inert therefore not allowing any migration of flavours or volatile oils and is enhanced by a rubberised seal in the lid. The other reason, along with the fact that they look stylish, was that the glass jars could then be recycled or reused, thus dramatically reducing any packaging waste.

For more information on Steenbergs packaging please visit: https://steenbergs.co.uk/article/show/56/herbs-spices-seasonings-packaging

Over the years our jars have been recycled and reused in many different ways. Our Homemade Chilli Piccalilli is a great example of filling the jars with your own homemade jams, jellies and preserves and the small jars also make lovely little gifts – if you can bear to part with any!

recycled jars A variety of homemade preserves

Spiced Ham & Piccalilli Spiced Ham & Chilli Piccalilli

We’ve recently found a new use for our jars though – handmade candles! Local Boroughbridge business Wright & Green, set up and run by Joanne Taylor, specialises in creating beautiful candles in recycled jars. Not only does she sell her own creations, but she offers a refill service for any suitable receptacle.

We tested it out in one of our small spice jars, with a Sea Salt and Wood Sage candle which we thought would be a lovely fresh smell for the kitchen. The candle fitted perfectly into the jar and the lid can be used to keep out the dust (if it lasts that long!).

IMG_3762 Sea Salt & Wood Sage candle by Wright & Green

The candles are filled with a natural mineral wax and burn with an organic, eco-friendly wooden wick which gives a soft crackle sound when lit. With over 40 different scents ranging from floral to citrus, woody to oriental, including the popular Tuberose & Orange, masculine Oudh and even Wet Dog, there is a scent for every occasion and every home.

So why not follow Joanne’s mantra of Breathe – Relax – Revive and let the candles work their magic.

For more information on Wright and Green, please visit the website at: www.wrightandgreen.co.uk