Botanicals For Homemade Gin - Drawstring Bag, Old Hamlet

Old Hamlet spice and herb botanicals to make your own cold-infused gin - transform a bottle of vodka into delicious homemade gin.

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  • Flavours: Aromatic, Balanced, Fruity
  • Cuisines: British
  • Ingredient features: Salt free, Vegan / plant-based
  • How to use: Add contents of the spices and herbs botanicals to a bottle of vodka, leave for a few days to infuse. Then filter and enjoy.

Botanicals For Homemade Gin - Drawstring Bag, Old Hamlet details and description

Old Hamlet's range of botanicals for cocktails and flavoured spirits provides you with the ingredients and instructions to make homemade gin.  Full instructions provided and Old Hamlet has even weighed out a complex mix of botanicals for you.  

Simply add to a bottle of vodka in the order suggested, then filter and rebottle.  You will then have your very own honey-coloured gin to enjoy.  Impress yourself and your friends with this great gift.

How to make Gin: Open a 750ml bottle unflavoured vodka and add the Juniper Berries.  Reseal, shake the bottle and leave in a cool place to infuse for 48 hours. 

Reopen the bottle, and add the Spice Botanicals.  Reseal, shake the bottle, and leave in a cool place to infuse for another 48 hours. 

Add the Herb Botanicals, shake and leave to infuse for 12 hours. 

Take a large mixing bowl or jug and strain the unfiltered gin into this using a kitchen sieve.  Discard the botanicals.  Now place a muslin square over the sieve and refilter the gin to remove the remaining botanicals.  You should now have a honey-coloured gin.  Pour into a bottle and seal.

Ingredients: juniper, coriander, rosehip, cinnamon, thyme, fennel, rosemary, lemon peel, cardamom, orange peel, lavender, bay, pink pepper, mace, black pepper, grains of paradise, vanilla.

Blended, sewn and packed in the UK.

Store in a cool dry place.