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Chana Masala Organic Curry Mix

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Organic Chana Masala Curry Mix Standard 45g £2.65

Flavours:Hot, Pungent

, Indian

, Vegan
, Sugar free

Chana Masala Organic Curry Mix

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Steenbergs Organic Chana Masala is a curry powder that Steenbergs has developed especially for vegetarians. Steenbergs Organic Chana Masala is a mild blend of organic spices ideally suited to pulses and vegetables, traditionally a chickpea dish. Based on the street curries of Delhi, with organic coriander and organic cumin seeds at its heart and full of sweet spices - organic cardamom and organic cinnamon - and with a little heat from some organic cayenne pepper spice.

As with all Steenbergs artisan spice blends this organic chana masala curry mix has been created and blended at the Steenbergs spice factory in rural North Yorkshire, just north of the cathedral city of Ripon. Steenbergs specialises in organic and fairly traded spices

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Spice and herb ingredients in Steenbergs Organic Chana Masala Curry Mix - organic ground coriander powder , organic ground cumin powder , organic ground cinnamon powder , organic onion powder , organic garlic powder , organic turmeric powder ( haldi ), organic ground cardamom powder , salt (7%), organic chilli powder  ( chili ), organic ginger powder , organic bay leaf powder ( laurel

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being a mild curry blend, chana masala can be added to any vegetable dish, or soup, to give a delicious, warm (but not hot!) spicy depth.

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