01 October 2018

Niki's Korean Spice Blend

Creating a spice blend and seeing it start its life outside of your kitchen.

Niki's Korean Spice Blend

We've recently launched a Korean Spice Blend, created by Niki Bakes, here's how it's going so far for Niki.

???? I feel so proud and humbled by Niki's Korean Spice Blend. I remember running home after school in my teens to tune into the likes of @jamieoliver and @chinghehuang and enjoy watching their cooking shows but also watching THEM...their charisma, their joy and passion for food. 

???? I laughed when they did, I licked my lips when they did and I remember the satisfaction I got when their dishes all came together. ????????‍???? Today, I'm honoured to follow my own path of recipe creation and to showcase my own spice blend with @steenbergsltd - a unique and harmonious blend of Asian spices like sesame seeds, chilli flakes, garlic powder and much more. ???? Jamie, I hope you enjoy my gluten free version of your @tescofood veggie stir fry with a delicious egg on top! ☺???????? ????

 Thank you to everyone who has supported me thus far and has purchased a jar, I hope it gives you as much joy as it's given me! ????

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