19 April 2010

Steenbergs Listed in Rose Prince's Latest Book

Steenbergs Listed in Rose Prince's Latest Book

Rose Prince has been really lovely and kind and listed us twice in her new book - The Good Food Producers Guide 2010 - under Drinks and under Delis and Specialists.  We always feel flattered - and a bit embarassed - when someone so influential likes Steenbergs products and so I thought it best to just quote straight from her book:

" Axel and Sophie Steenberg's spices and teas are of the highest standard and are available by mail order.  The company was established in 2003 and due to demand for its products has had to move three times.  Now in an eco-friendly factory, they sell Fairtrade spices by mail order and to other retail outlets, as well as from factory gate.  Beautiful packaging; lovely business."

"I have always liked Axel and Sophie Steenberg's principled company, which specialises in high quality organic and / or Fairtrade spices, but it would not be fair to leave out their beautiful teas from this chapter of the guide.  They sell a huge range, most accredited by the Fairtrade Foundation, and many in funky-looking tins (great presents) that keep the tea inside nice and fresh.  Choose from some impressive grassy green teas, delicate unfermented, dried white teas and full-on matured black tea.  Herbs are also available. Order online."

Thank you Rose.