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Long Pepper - Specialist Spice

Description Price Quantity
Long Pepper Specialist Spice Standard Jar - 40g £2.65


, Asian

, Sugar free
, Salt free

Long Pepper - Specialist Spice

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Steenbergs Long Pepper is currently Piper retrofactum from Indonesia.  Indian long pepper is Piper longum.  Long pepper is usually used whole and it has a sweet aroma with a taste that starts out similar to black peppercorns but then a biting heat comes through afterwards.  Long pepper is used mainly in slow cooked African and Asian dishes, as well as in chutneys.

Long pepper grows on slender vines that have sparser foliage than the more familiar black pepper vines, with shiny green oval leaves.   Long pepper is harvested before ripe when green and then sun dried in a very similar way to Piper nigrum is oxidised in the sun from green through to black coloured peppercorns.  Both types of long pepper are shaped like mini catkins 5mm in diameter (0.25 inch) and 3cm (1 inch) in length with a similar colour to black peppercorns, i.e. dark brown to black. The surface of long pepper is rough like a catkin, comprising a cartwheel of eight minute, dark-red seeds.  Long pepper has a strange sweet and fragrant aroma that seems like exotic incense, giving it a certain sensuousness, but the flavour is bitingly hot, lingering and number. Indonesian black pepper is slightly longer and more pungent that the Indian variety.  For more on long pepper, take a look at Ingredientia and Wikipedia.

Use them in pickles instead of black pepper to give more bite or in North African or Ethiopian dishes.  Try it in a chutney in place of black pepper or, because of its sweet notes, have a crack at this more adventurous recipe at the BBC website for Fruit Salad With Long Pepper Cream.  We have not got any more general recipes for long pepper yet, so any ideas would be gratefully received.

Steenbergs long pepper is part of Steenbergs range of specialist vine pepper and other specialist ingredients, such as cubeb pepper and grains of paradise.  Steenbergs has an extensive range of normal and more specialised dry ingredients, including over 400 organic herbs, organic spices, organic seasonings, organic flavours and extracts and teas.  For more information, browse the web site or call us on 01765 640 088.

Nutritional Info:

Values per 100g:
Energy 267kCal; 1134kJ
Protein 11.5g
Carbohydrates 51.1g
Fat 1.9g

Values per 2g teaspoon:
Energy 5kCal; 23kJ
Protein 0.2g
Carbohydrates 1.0g
Fat Trace

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