A Christmas Traditional Craft – Making A Pomander

Today we’ve had a ago at making pomanders.  Pomanders were used in England from the medieval period until the 18th century as a way of perfuming the air.

They are pretty fiddly when you’ve got clunky fingers like me and the cloves start hurting your thumbs after a bit, but they are good family bit of fun and are another tradition around the holiday season.

What you need

Ingredients for pomander

Ingredients for pomander

1 medium sized orange
25g organic cloves (whole)
1tsp orris root powder
1tsp organic Fairtrade cinnamon powder
Some ribbon and tape
A few pins and a cocktail stick
A paper bag or greaseproof paper 

  1. Gently need the orange in your hands to soften the skinDSC_0756_edited-1
  2. Divide the surface of the orange into 4 equal parts and pin the tape into place.  This is where the ribbon will be attached later.
  3. Pierce the skin of the orange with the cocktail stick and set in the organic cloves.  Completely cover the orange with organic cloves.
  4. Mix together the organic cinnamon and orris root powder and put this mix into a paper bag or on a sheet of greaseproof paper.  Roll the orange in the spices mix.
  5. Leave the orange in the paper bag and store in a warm, dry place, or (alternatively) wrap the orange in tissue paper.  An airing cupboard is ideal.  Leave until the skin under the tape is dry.
  6. When dry, remove the tape and decorate with the ribbon and with a bow.


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