Two Mugs Given As Presents

It was my birthday recently and  I had cheesecake for my birthday cake, which was a great idea.  I was, also, given two mugs by my children: on the first was written “My train of thought was 15 minutes late” and on the second “I’ve learned so much from my mistakes…I’m thinking of making a few more”.

Both of these seem to sum up two of the underlying themes of my thoughts and ideas over the last 10 or so years.  However, my riposte would be that at least my trains of thought do come in and I am still thinking about things, while mistakes only arise because I keep trying out new things and ways of looking at the world.  Who knows, one of these days the train of thought might be correct and come in on time or even early!

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  1. Astra Bergmane says:

    Dear Axel and Sophie,
    Usually I have been a bit confused how easily and quickly people say “I love you” (I’m Latvian, supposedly, it’s my northern mentality which makes me reserved), however, I read this entry, and I wished to say – I do love you. It’s not so often any more that ‘trains of thought come in’ and people are ‘still thinking about things’ – and thinking of making a few mistakes more (without mistakes there’s no development). I appreciate your approach towards business, or let me put it better – life, it’s about creation, and about process.
    I’m not a big customer of yours, as I’m not a good cook either, so my purchases are rare; I’m just curious – want to get to know about unfamiliar spices, to try; every now and then my curiosity is bigger than my “capaciousness”. However, recently I have received my order from you – in good time, carefully packed, and delicious. Thank you very much. And may you both keep your joy of living and creative spirit.

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