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Organic Chives Flakes Dried Herb 17g

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Organic Chives Standard Jar - 17g Dried Herb £2.45


, European
, Middle Eastern

, Vegan
, Sugar free
, Salt free

Organic Chives Flakes Dried Herb 17g

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Steenbergs Organic Chives is a great alternative to fresh chives from the garden.  Related to the onions, this ever popular herb, organic chives, gives a hint of garden herb freshness to omelettes, chicken soup, baked potatoes, and vegetables.  Steenbergs organic chives come in flakes.

Chives is a humble herb in the Allium or onion family, called Allium schoenoprasum.  Chives resembles a clump of grass of long, thin tubular leaves that taper to a sharp point.  Chive plants grow to 15-30 cm tall (6-12 inches), then in mid-summer the clumps of chives are covered with masses of jolly, pom-pom shaped purple flowers.  

Chives have a refreshing taste that is herby and mildly oniony.  Steenbergs Organic Chives are great mixed with other herbs like thyme, oregano and chervil and are used in Steenbergs Fines Herbes, or used sprinkled over omelettes or through a potato salad or mashed potato.  Fresh chives have a freshness that is lost on drying, but still have delicate oniony flavour and is best not cooked or only slightly cooked as in scrambled eggs.  Or why not mix into a home made vinaigrette?  For more inspiration on chives recipes, take a look at the BBC Recipe Website.

This is part of the Steenbergs range of over 400 organic spices, peppers, herbs and flavoured sugars. For your local stockist click on "Where to see us", or ring us on 01765 640 088 or email to enquiries@steenbergs.co.uk, because we really would love to hear from you and chat about herbs, spices, blends or even have a natter about organic or Fairtrade.

Nutritional Info:

Values per 100g:
Energy 311kCal; 1301kJ
Protein 21.2g
Carbohydrates 64.3g
Fat 3.5g

Values per 0.5g teaspoon:
Energy 2kCal; 7kJ
Protein 0.1g
Carbohydrates 0.3g
Fat 0.0g

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