Time for Tea with Ronke Lawal, creator of www.whosfordinner.co.uk

Time for Tea – our regular chat with someone who cares about tea – Ronke Lawal, Creator of www.whosfordinner.co.uk

Ronke Lawal, creator of www.whosfordinner.com

Ronke Lawal, creator of www.whosfordinner.com

1. What is your favourite tea to set you up for the day first thing in the morning?
I love a normal English Breakfast tea, milk and one sugar. I have been reducing my sugar intake over the years and so eventually it will be no sugars (but maybe a biscuit or 2)

2. What is your favourite tea to relax you in the afternoon?
Green tea is perfect to relax me in the afternoon. There is a calming quality to green tea which always helps me to take stock after a busy day.
3. What do you like best about Steenbergs teas?
I love the quality of the ingredients in the teas as well as the taste to be honest. There is an authenticity in each freshly brewed tea pot of tea that makes this brand so special.
4. Which Steenbergs tea would you most like to try and why?
I am so lucky that I had the chance to try the tea that I really wanted to taste and that was the Organic Red Chai. It was absolutely delicious, with a depth of flavour that made me want more!

Steenbergs organic red chai is a caffeine free rooibos chai loose leaf tea.

5. Who would you most like to have a cup of tea with and why?
Oprah Winfrey! One day I’m going to take her for a cup of tea and a chat, my treat to her for being such an inspiration.
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