12 May 2022

The Best Meat-free BBQ Recipes

A few meat-free BBQ ideas to try out this summer...

The Best Meat-free BBQ Recipes

As more and more of us look for ways to enjoy more plant-based meals, one of the potential areas of difficulty has been the barbecue...but it doesn't have to be! Traditionally a meat-only zone, we've got some delicious meat-free recipes for you to try. Fire up the barbecue to add that extra smokey flavour or if the weather isn't kind, simply cook in your oven inside.

Do let us know how you get on and if there are any rubs or seasonings you'd like us to create, or ones where you'd like some extra suggestions.

1. BBQ Peri Peri Seitan 'chicken' - developed for us by the lovely ladies at The Vegan Larder, this recipe talks you through how to make your own seitan 'chicken' and then how to add plenty of flavour with a spicy marinade. 

"This Piri Piri Seitan Chicken will be talk of the BBQ. Grill it up, and serve over some salad, and simply wow everyone who eats it. They won't believe that it's 100% vegan! The Piri Piri marinade for this ‘meaty’ (and almost secretly vegan!) dish is easy-peasy to make using Steenbergs Piri Piri seasoning."

2. Vegan Jerk Tempeh Skewers with Coconut Yoghurt Dip - another hit from the Vegan Larder duo, these incredible jerk tempeh skewers are spicy, bursting with flavour and perfect for the BBQ. 

"Super quick and easy to make using Steenbergs Jamaican Jerk Spice. Tempeh is a brilliant vegan protein for skewers; it’s ‘meaty’ as well as healthy. The skewers are best served in wraps with extra Jamaican Jerk sauce for drizzling, and a delicious cooling coconut yoghurt dip, made with Steenbergs Yoghurt Dressing Herb Mix."

3. BBQ Jackfruit Lettuce Wraps - a very tasty recipe from Nikibakes, this popular dish isn't actually cooked on the BBQ but it has all of those delicious sweet and smokey flavours which make it so moreish!

4. Summer Salad Platter of warm spiced yoghurt and Swiss chard - sharing platters of salads are always a great way to feed a group of friends, especially if they are as delicious as this French-inspired salad from Naveeta of @lets_eat_better_together.

5. Smokey BBQ Sauce - you can't have a barbecue without a delicious, smokey BBQ sauce and here's one of our favourites. It's a tomato based sauce with chilli, warming paprika and sweet honey flavours that can be used alongside your barbecue dishes but also in pasta dishes, chilli dishes or even as a topping for bruschettas.

This may all sound like thirsty work so if you're in need of some liquid inspiration, why not try this amazingly colourful Pink Pitaya Caipirinha summer cocktail from the lovely Suze from Gourmet Glow...