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Organic Gingerbread Chai Tea Loose Leaf

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Organic Gingerbread Chai Loose Leaf Tea 100g £3.00

Flavours:Aromatic, Full-bodied, Sweet

, European
, Indian

, Vegan
, Sugar free
, Salt free

Organic Gingerbread Chai Tea Loose Leaf

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Steenbergs Organic Gingerbread Chai loose leaf tea is Axel Steenberg's homage to classic street chai teas that you get all across India.

In Britain, we have a love affair with Indian food and travel to India. One of the things that travellers to India love recreating is traditional masala chai tea - the everyday sweet, milky spiced tea of India. Everywhere you go in India, people will be drinking this style of chai tea from the railway station in rural Tamil Nadu through to stockbrokers in Bombay.

Steenbergs Organic Gingerbread Chai is a classic rendition of the traditional masala chai style teas. Organic Gingerbread Chai Tea is Steenbergs house blend that we have kept secret for many years, making and using at home for when we need a really warming, energising natural pick-me-up. Steenbergs Organic Gingerbread Tea is glorious on wet and miserable afternoons. Steenbergs Organic Gingerbread Chai Tea is so warming and the spices seem to lift the strong tea. We blend the organic spices to Axel Steenberg's unique recipe in Steenbergs spice and tea factory.

Steenbergs Organic Gingerbread Chai Tea has got none of the junk that most high street blends have - nature identical flavours that make the tea smell of pot pourri and make your tongue tingle. We chop the organic spices to a tea bag cut, then blend these together into a glorious organic Pekoe tea from POABS and Thiashola Estates in Southern India. The mixed Steenbergs Organic Gingerbread Chai Tea is left to infuse for several weeks before Steenbergs packs down the Organic Gingerbread Chai Tea.

Brewing tip for a spicy tea: Into a warmed teapot, put 1tsp of Organic Gingerbread Chai Tea per cup plus 1tsp for the pot.  Bring fresh water to the boil and pour over the Organic Gingerbread Chai Tea-leaves.  Brew for 3 - 5 minutes, strain and pour into mugs.  Add milk & sugar to taste.

How to make chai with Steenbergs Organic Gingerbread Chai Tea, loose leaf:  Place 2-3tsp (heaped) of Steenbergs Gingerbread Chai into a pan, together with 4tsp (heaped) of sugar.  Bring a kettle of freshly drawn water to the boil, then add 700ml of this hot water to the pan and bring to the boil.  Let the Gingerbread Chai Tea mix simmer gently for 5 minutes.  Add 200ml of milk, bring to the boil again and let simmer for a further 5 minutes.  Take off the heat, strain and pour into 3 mugs, then relax and enjoy.

Ingredients for Steenbergs Organic Gingerbread Chai Tea :
organic black tea , organic nutmeg , organic cinnamon , organic ginger , organic black pepper , organic cardamom , organic cloves

For the Steenbergs Tasting panel review on this tea, click here.

Sophie's tasting notes:

I love this tea black, without milk, and sometimes a smattering of sugar. It's full of warming spices and a real palate teaser. A delicious tea which welcomes you back like an old friend if you haven't had a cup of it recently. It is certainly NOT to be confused with those teas you get in some chains made with syrup, it's full of pure organic spices and tea - loose leaf - so you can see exactly what you are brewing.

Blended, created and packed by Steenbergs at the Steenbergs tea factory in rural North Yorkshire. One of the Steenbergs main house blends of tea.

Nutritional Info:

Values per 100g (brewed without milk or sugar):
Energy 2kCal; 7kJ
Protein 0.4g
Carbohydrates 0.1g
Fat 0.5g

Values per 225g mug (brewed without milk or sugar):
Energy 3kCal; 16kJ
Protein 0.8g
Carbohydrates 0.1g
Fat 1.1g

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