08 March 2022

Supplier Focus: Seggiano, handpicked food from Italy

Supplier Focus: Seggiano, handpicked food from Italy

With a shared ethical ethos and passion for high quality, artisan products, Seggiano and Steenbergs are perfect partners. “We started stocking Seggiano products many years ago after tasting their organic extra-virgin olive oil and haven’t looked back!” says Sophie Steenberg.

Now the range of ethical groceries on the Steenbergs site stretches to all kinds of delicious Italian produce, such as pasta, rice, olive oils & vinegars, several different types of raw honey and the new range of vegan cacao spreads. “We can’t get enough of the kamut gluten free pasta and the chestnut honey, our customers love them!” adds Sophie. 

Seggiano developed out of a chance meeting in 1985 in Rome Ciampino airport with owners David & Peri. They have gone on to establish a company famous for its authentic Italian produce and high environmental standards.

“Every single one of our products is from a specialist, innovative producer, who uses higher quality ingredients and production methods than any other maker we’ve found in Italy, resulting in what we’re confident is the most delicious, authentic range of Italian food on the market”, says David.

Seggiano shares Steenbergs’ commitment to organic farming methods, making sure that the milk, butter & eggs used in its recipes are organic and it doesn’t sell any fish or meat products. It also mirrors Steenbergs in its commitment to lowering the company’s environmental impact, using FSC sustainable, unbleached, biodegradable and recyclable packaging wherever possible. 

“We have an uncompromising ethical commitment to clean, nutritious food with exceptional taste, made from fully traceable GMO-free ingredients of provenance, with no industrial additives and using minimal heat processing”, adds David. 

Here are just a few of the Seggiano products available on steenbergs.co.uk

Raw Honeys – Delicious single varieties including Acacia and Orange Blossom honey and an intense Sicilian Thistle Honey from indigenous Sicilian bees kept amongst the citrus groves and flowers of the Iblei Mountains of Eastern Sicily. Seggiano also donate a percentage of profits from their raw honey sales to fund research into colony collapse and preserving insect habitats.

Extra virgin Olive oils & Vinegars – from award-winning mono-varieties such as the Lunaio Organic Extra-virgin Olive Oil to oils infused with chilli or mandarins, as well as white and aged balsamic vinegars, there is always something to drizzle!

Vegan Cacao Spreads – first to market without palm oil, these delicious spreads include Crunchy Hazelnut Cacao and Smooth Hazelnut Cacao

Rice Black Venus, Wild Red, Carnaroli & Arborio are just some of the specialist rices that Seggiano sources from the Po Valley in North East Italy.

Pasta – The durum wheat for Seggiano’s pasta comes from a handful of organic farms in the Orcia Valley of Tuscany and it is made using proper slow drying and bronze-drawing production methods to give it excellent consistency and flavour. Steenbergs also stocks the very popular naturally gluten free Spelt & Kamut pastas. 

Organic Pâtés, pastes, roasted vegetables & pasta  sauces – perfect as a quick and delicious supper, Steenbergs stocks spicy Arrabbiata, olivey Puttanesca, mellow Melanzane and a vibrant vegan Basil pasta sauce. 

If you are looking for inspiration on how to use some of these lovely ingredients, then the Seggiano recipe pages are very helpful. We particularly like this Smoky Balsamic Glazed Chicken with Corn Slaw where you can use our paprika and mustard powder as well as the delicious Seggiano white balsamic vinegar. 

Alternatively head to the Steenbergs recipe library where we use a touch of balsamic in our Hot Spicy Beans Recipe, there are plenty of pasta recipes and you could even try using some delicious honey in Gourmet Glow’s amazing Pumpkin Spice Honey Rye cake