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Steenbergs Phone Lines – Update

Thursday, December 8th, 2016

Finally, we’re almost at the end of the saga of Steenbergs’ phone lines.  After complaining to BT’s Chief Executive, because none of our other complaints succeeded in getting any traction, we have been slowly moving towards achieving what we originally ordered in May this year.

Yesterday, the ISDN lines were completed (2 lines, 4 channels), the switch and phones completed and the Internet phone set-up (Avaya switch and phones); we’ve had 80GB optical fibre installed direct to both units for really fast broadband.  We are not actually moving the phone numbers over until 16 December, so the new system is on a dummy number for the moment.

But after 7 months, we may finally get a functional phone and broadband system – it’s been a long gestation period with lots of turbulence along the way, but hopefully it will be worth the wait.  Not a bad level of technology for rural North Yorkshire.

Our Telephone Nightmare

Friday, September 16th, 2016

Just to say, Steenbergs is still here and open for business.  But please email us, call us on 01765 640 101 or use our website –

BT has, however, switched off our main phone line – a business nightmare – so we cannot even put a divert on to a mobile or the fax line (01765 640 101).  There was temporary one before they switched off our main number.

It is all part of the move to our new premises for the admin side and tea.  We’re trying to move from the old copper wires to a cloud-based system – and we’re paying for it already – but unfortunately BT have not managed yet to connect us up or  provide us with any of the necessary equipment.

And now they’ve cut off the line!  What a shambles.  We should have stayed with Chess Telecom (perhaps).

The project management side problem is that they have moved the lines around before they’ve done the internal work.  That’s not how they’re meant to do it, because (having spoken with their engineers) they’re supposed to do the internal work then ring through for the network to move the numbers around.  In our case, they’ve moved the numbers before doing the work.

I know we’re not the only ones who’ve ever had problems with BT, nor will we be the last, but please bear with us while we try and unpick the mess.

For the techies:  we’re getting 2 lines of optical fibre to the premises for broadband at 80GB (we’ve got this), 2 x ISDN lines with 4 channels, 4 x Avaya digital phones with Avaya system, with 3 phones in one unit (11 Hallikeld Close) and a VPN to the our second, original unit (6 Hallikeld Close).